CPRSkills.org is excited  to bring you this two-day (16-hour) introductory course on the basics of wilderness medical treatment and rescue. Both medical professionals and active outdoor enthusiasts without medical training can benefit from this instruction and certification in Wilderness First Aid.

Day one begins with an overview of general wilderness first-aid concepts. You'll be taught how to assess a patient and learn about the circulatory and respiratory systems, controlling infections, CPR and basic life-support methods. You'll also learn to recognize fractures and dislocations, plus methods for stabilizing and splinting these injuries.

Day two covers how to handle a wide range of potential hazards, including: hypothermia, hyperthermia and heat illness; near drowning; frostbite and other cold injuries; lightning and electrical injuries; wounds and burns; anaphylaxis. You'll receive step-by-step instruction, plus hands-on practice in patient-rescue techniques, including improvised carries and further assessments.

All necessary equipment, including course materials, is provided. Successful completion of the course requires full attendance and satisfactory performance on written and practical quizzes. Itinerary subject to change at instructors' discretion.