Explore all the beauty below water has to offer

PADI Drysuit Diver Course

Wanna stay warm and toasty on a dive? Then stay out of the water. What? Stay out of the water? Yes! Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off from the outside water. No longer do you have to be cold on the deep dives at local dive sites or limit your diving to the summer months. Learn how a drysuit can make a difference in your diving during our PADI Drysuit Diver course. The course covers:

The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of dry suit diving.
Proper procedures for buoyancy control.
Ascent and descent technique training.
Routine, user-level, preventative maintenance and performance checks on dry suits.

Dry suit diving gives divers a year-round ticket to extremely cool adventure. Whether you choose to explore nearby lakes, venture through kelp forests or cruise through icy polar waters - dry suit diving opens new doors to extreme adventure. More dive sites, different marine life, longer dives, and in many areas, a longer dive season are just a few of the possibilities that await when you dive dry.